Podiant + Headliner

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Audiograms are one of the most compelling ways to drive traffic from video-focused social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I've been using Headliner for about a year, professionally and personally, and have been delighted with it.

If you're new to audiograms, here's a very simple example.

Respiratory scientist Max Thomas, explaining ventricular fibrillation on the List Envy podcast.

With Headliner, you can upload audio, trim it to the ideal length for social video, add a background image, an animated waveform, and subtitles (which are key for sites that auto-play video silently). The app automatically transcribes your audio -- you just tweak the timings.

But if you've spent a couple of hours over an edit and you're ready to spread the word about your new episode, the last thing you want to have to do is upload your audio to yet another service. Well, the good news is that you can now publish directly to Headliner from Podiant. Here's how.

The "edit" page for an episode. Note the new Publish tab.

When you've uploaded your episode and it's finished processing, the new Publish tab will give you a quick overview of where you can expect to find the episode online. The right-hand column features a big Headliner button. Hit that, and you'll be taken to the Headliner app, which will import your audio and the artwork associated with the image, along with the title of your episode. And the rest is over to you!

I'm delighted to work with the lovely team at Headliner, and I hope you find the new integration useful.

We've got lots more in the works, so stay close. In the entire, don't forget to check out Headliner, and create audiograms for free.