We’re offering a free 30-minute podcasting consultation to help you get started

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I’m Mark, Podiant 's founder, and I'm running free 30-minute consultations for anyone looking to start a podcast but who's unsure where to begin. You can book a session with me online now.

The phrase “social isolation” can feel a bit scary, and whether you’ve worked from home for years or are just bringing a company laptop home for the first time, many of us are facing a lot of uncertainty. Connecting with our friends, family and colleagues has never been more important, and podcasting is a wonderful way to do that.

  • If you’re perusing a passion project, covering a topic close to your heart or just looking to replace your weekly 🍻 sesh, a podcast provides great company, especially for people feeling isolated.
  • For small businesses, it’s a way to communicate directly with your customers, to keep your brand top-of-mind and forge a stronger bond via this intimate, personal medium.
  • For larger businesses, including enterprises, it’s the ideal way to keep in touch with your workforce. Why not schedule some interviews with some star employees, and let them share their working-from-home stories?
  • If you’re a person of faith, a podcast will help you connect with your congregation, safely, and you can easily share a link to your Facebook group or email newsletter.

For a limited time, Podiant is offering a free, 30-minute consultation to help get your podcast project off-the-ground. Not sure how to record great-sounding audio over Skype? Wondering which is the best mic setup or editing software? Unsure about how to bring your podcast to Spotify listeners? Whatever questions you have about starting a new podcast, I’m here to help.

Podiant provides simple and flexible podcast hosting, but you don’t have to become a Podiant customer to take advantage of the free consultation. However, if you do decide to go ahead with us, we’ll extend your free trial by another two weeks, giving you a month of free hosting, so you can find your feet.

Ready to get started? Justbook a time slot with me, and chat face-to-face with me, right in your web browser.