I’m delighted to bring you the news that Castos is acquiring Podiant. Castos have a long history with podcasting, starting with the development of the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin for WordPress, which I evangelised about for years before founding Podiant. I couldn’t be happier to be working with Craig and the Castos team, who share the same values and goals as Podiant – but if you’re a Podiant customer, you probably want to know how this affects you, so let’s get to it.

We’re going to transition customers over to Castos in the coming days and weeks, and for the vast majority of Podiant customers, this will be a seamless migration. Your podcast will have a new forever home on the web with Castos, and we’ll handle all the redirection stuff from our end, so you and your listeners won’t miss a beat. For those customers whose network websites are powered by Podiant, we’ll work individually with you to get you up and running.

In terms of pricing, nothing will change for you – your existing Podiant pricing will carry over to Castos seamlessly, and for those with multiple podcasts hosted with Podiant, you could be saving yourself a bundle while not only retaining features like a customisable website, a gorgeous embeddable player and limitless bandwidth, but you’ll also be able to create private podcast feeds!

If you’re a WordPress user, you can expect better tools for integrating your podcast and website, and if you need a hand with your audio editing, Castos have got you covered, too.

Tracy, our Customer Success Champion and I will be around for the next few weeks to make sure everyone’s taken care of, and if you’d like to know what I’ll be up to next, you can read my personal newsletter or follow me on Twitter. For now though, I’d like to hand the mic to Craig Hewitt, the founder of Castos:

On behalf of the entire Castos team I’d like to say how thankful we are to Mark and the Podiant team for all the work they put into creating such a great podcasting platform. We’re honored to be able to welcome Podiant users into the Castos platform and share with you the set of tools we’ve been building for the last 4+ years.

As Mark mentioned, with this transition everything about your show, its distribution to platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc., and how your listeners tune into your show will remain the same. Our Support and Success teams are here to help you get settled within the Castos platform, and we’ll be in touch shortly via email to invite you to a special welcome Town Hall event we’re holding just for Podiant customers to help you get familiar with Castos.

Podiant remains the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m excessively proud of the product I’ve built and the people I’ve been able to work with as a result. It’s meant the world to me to have made such an impact in the podcasting space, and I can rest easy knowing that Podiant is in the best possible hands.

Thanks for being a part of the Podiant story so far.