Podiant began its life in November, 2016 as a small hobby project. Since then it’s grown at an amazing rate, with no marketing spend. It’s all thanks to our amazing testers, users and supporters.

Today I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce the future of Podiant, and how we’re shaping the next year of our history.

A simple plan

When we moved into open beta, we offered three tiers of membership. Our $5 per month level has been the most popular, as it allows people to show their support for the platform. I’m delighted that so many have chosen to show their support for Podiant in this way.

We’ve also offered $15 and $30 per month tiers, which offered varying degrees of support and services. We know a small number of you love the support you get with these tiers, and the services we integrate with.

From now on though, things are going to get simpler.

Introducing Podiant Professional

Podiant Professional is replacing the $15 and $30 tiers with a single offering. And while it might seem sensible to price this somewhere in-between, as it offers a great service at a simple flat rate, with amazing support (and lots of goodies soon to arrive), we’ve decided to go another direction.

Podiant Professional is priced at just $12.99 per month, with a 14 day free trial. But that’s just for new customers. Those who have already backed us at the $5 a level - and those who haven’t been able to support us at all yet - can get a 20% discount for three months, by using the coupon code upgrade17.

Read more about Podiant Professional

And speaking of the $5 tier and below…

Introducing Podiant Community

This is the same Podiant you’ve come to know and (hopefully) love. It comes with unlimited episode duration, bandwidth and storage, your own blog, static pages and host bios, and our wonderful commuting support. Usage is free but we sincerely hope you’ll contribute to our Patreon, to help keep it going strong. We’re committed to keeping Podiant Community alive, but we need your support.

While third-party integrations (like Twitter, Facebook and Buffer) will be reserved for our Professional users, we’re removing the barrier-to-entry for collections, making it even easier to create your own podcast network, without any extra spend.

And of course, your first podcast is still eligible for the 14 day free trial of our Professional tier, and the upgrade17 code gives you a 20% discount for your first three months.

Read more about Podiant Community


We’re so excited about the future of Podiant, and we’d love you to continue the journey with us. We’ll be adding new features to the Professional tier soon, but we’re not leaving Community members behind. Far from it! As a matter of fact, we’ve just brought on the amazing podcast advocate Brendan Hutchins as our Community Manager, who’ll be working alongside his wife Sarah on supporting our growing number of podcasters, and improving our how-to guides.

You can hear more from Mark and Brendan on the Platform podcast, where they discuss their plans for Podiant’s future.

At the beginning I said that our success has been down to our testers, users and supporters. If you count yourself among that number, I sincerely thank you, and we’re doing our best to live up to your expectations. Regardless of commitment level, as a small startup with an unlimited free tier, we know we’ll always be looked at with a side eye, but what we know is that together, we can build amazing things, whether it’s as part of a collective where some pay so that those who can’t still get a seat at the table, or as a solo producer who just needs a rock-solid system with a human being at the other end.

We’re here for you, and we hope to do you proud. Here’s to the next 12 months.