I’m reading about and listening to so many of your shows and thank you for submitting applications!

I’m starting to see trends and wanted to let people know what works and doesn’t work in regards to a successful application.

Make a compelling case for your benefit.

It doesn’t have to be huge or noble or grand, just solid and logical. I’m hesitant to give examples of ones that work for fear of seeing a slew of copies, but here are some real examples that do not work:

“A different perspective” isn’t a benefit. Everyone has a unique perspective. What makes yours special? And, more importantly, how does that unique perspective help others?

“We don’t make a dime off this podcast” isn’t a community benefit. Neither is “we don’t have the money for hosting”. We want to provide free hosting for you, but there needs to be a justification. We can’t do that for you. Make a case for it.

Complete the application!

Fill in all the fields. We use them.

Also, pick a highlight episode that shows off the benefit you’re pitching. If you have a podcast that reads the news for blind people, don’t link to a special episode where you decide to review a movie. Illustrate the benefit.

If you get a rejection with the reason “no community benefit”, consider re-applying with a stronger case for your podcast. Also, please don’t reply to the email or write to us asking why, as we can’t comment on individual applications as we have a lot to get though and want to make sure we give them all the attention they’re due. We’ll release more information soon, so as mentioned, if you’re not accepted and you think you can make a better case, feel free to reapply.

Have questions?

And please reach out here or on Twitter @PodiantComm if you have any questions! Happy podcasting!