Today, I'm thrilled to announce that the popular music streaming service Deezer is partnering with Podiant to bring our customers' podcasts to their platform. Podcasts are available within the Shows tab in the Deezer app, for listeners in the UK, the US, Austria, Brazil, Columbia, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, and Switzerland. You can find out more about podcasts on Deezer from their support page.

Deezer screenshot

Getting your podcast listed with Deezer

If you're already with Podiant, it couldn't be much easier. Just login to your dashboard, select your podcast, hit Settings > Directory listings , select Deezer and hit the green submit button. Your show will be automatically submitted and available to Deezer listeners in a few minutes.

If you're not hosting with Podiant and want to bring your podcast to new audiences, sign up for a free trial.