Descript is one of my favourite apps in the podcasting ecosystem. It’s an audio editor that works like a word processor — you upload your raw recordings, Descript transcribes them, you sync them up and then edit the dialogue like it’s a Word document.

With just a couple of clicks, you can remove common filler words like umms and ahhs, strip out long gaps, and even correct a word or two, using their Overdub feature.

Yesterday, Descript launched the latest version of their software, and with it came a select number of publishing partnerships, which naturally includes Podiant. Because Descript knows what’s up.

This means that you can now edit an episode entirely in Descript, and push it straight to your podcast feed. No need to download, convert, compress, and upload. And because Descript includes transcription out-of-the-box, those transcripts are copied over and added to your episode’s web page, for added accessibility.

If you’re a Podiant podcaster and you have Descript installed, here’s what to do.

  1. Upload your audio into Descript, enable transcription, and identify speakers
  2. Edit your episode using their text or audio editor
  3. Hit Share
  4. From the Share dialogue, select the Export tab
  5. Click the button with the ellipses and select Podiant from the dropdown menu
  6. Click Publish (or Republish if you’ve previously shared this episode)
  7. Click Continue with Podiant
  8. If you have multiple podcasts, select the one you want to upload to in the browser window that opens
  9. Wait for Descript to upload your audio and transcript (this can take around 5 minutes for an hour-long episode)

You’ll then see an edit page for the episode, where you can add additional metadata like descriptions and excerpts. The Transcript tab will show you the transcript we’ve pulled from your Descript project, which you can edit in Podiant. When you’re ready to go, set the publish date for your episode and hit Save episode.