You probably already know that you can embed individual episodes virtually anywhere on the web. You can copy embed code from the player itself, or leverage the power of oEmbed - included in content management systems like WordPress - to embed the player wherever you paste the URL of an episode.

But you can also embed the entire podcast, using a handy bit of code which you can get from the Tools section of your dashboard. You can paste it into lots of CMSs, including WordPress and Squarespace, and when you do, you’ll see the usual looking player and underneath it, a list of all your most-recent episodes. As you click the “Load more” button, the playlist expands to fill the space, so it feels completely native to the page you’re placing the player on.

I use the embeddable playlist on my personal Squarespace site, as it’s a great way of giving people a taste of my work, and if you have a promotional website for your podcast that isn’t on Podiant, it only takes a minute to install and it means you don’t have to keep updating it every time you publish a new episode.

Whether you’re new to the embeddable playlist or you’ve been using it in your own podcast site for a while, pop a link in the comments so we can see how it looks!