We’re halfway through our week of announcements and launches, with a big one coming tomorrow, but today is International Podcast Day, and we feel like celebrating! Not only are we celebrating the medium, but we, Podiant, are also celebrating the wonderful people who make podcasts for the love and for the lols.

A few months back, I got in touch with a number of podcasting collectives, asking them to make a short video presentation that would be shown on International Podcast Day 2020. As we’re a Gold sponsor of the event, we’re given an hour to ourselves. But because Podiant is founded by, well, me, that didn’t sound like it would be fun for anyone. So instead, I thought we should yield our time to indie podcasters.

Although podcasting is what puts food in my cats’ mouths, I’m still an indie. I don’t have a big money-making podcast that’s part of a network, but I know how frustrating it can be when you have something great, but you’re fighting to be heard among the noise.

So, without further ado, here’s a look at the podcasts we’re showcasing on our live stream.

Is it Worth it? The film review podcast

“We go out of our way to see all the films in the cinema, so you don’t have to.”

Salad With a Side of Fries

The podcast that answers your burning wellness and nutrition questions plus the questions you didn’t even know to ask! Above all, it’s wellness and weight loss for real life, because most of us are going to drink, eat out, skip the grocery store and who wants a life without fries or dessert?! Host Jenn Trepeck’s expertise as an optimal health coach, in practice for over a decade, along with experts in various modalities will clear up the myths, mis-information, bad science and marketing to reveal the truth of how to eat and how to cheat!

The Pizza Bros Podcast

“Our podcast is a show about two brothers that enjoy all things pizza and recently also candy.“

The Diversity of Me — Keeping it Real

Sharing the unique stories of how every day people are ‘Keeping It Real’ in the hopes that listeners maybe able to relate to or find some solace in these stories. There is some spoken word poetry to boot by a newbie poet in her mid 30s!

Cat’s Cabinet of Curiosities

A show about conspiracy theories, cults, and general craziness.

The Great Chameleon War

A surreal audio drama podcast about reality-altering reptiles, cursed dreamscape explorers, and caustic imagination.

Live from the Dean’s Den

“I talk about and analyze the latest news in the world of professional wrestling from the vantage point of an experienced veteran of the industry, using my knowledge and connections to give the fans an inside look at the industry that very few people have.”

Tone Deaf: A Theatre Nerd’s Guide for Their Musically Challenged Spouse

The journey of a theatre nerd introducing their musically challenged husband to the good, the bad, and the ugly of musicals.

Double Stuffed

Listen and laugh along with the banter of two coworkers and two sisters in the Double Stuffed Podcast. It doubles the hosts, doubles the topics, doubles the fun (and doubles the Fs in “stuffed” to avoid being associated with any famous cookie brands).

Grow Your Own Career

Author and career specialist Jane Barrett interviews authors who bring us insight into how to get the career you want and entrepreneurs who have successfully changed careers and set up exciting businesses that actively strive to make the world a better place.

Women Bridging the Gap

A free-wheeling, conversation podcast co-hosted by Lenya Wilson and Alexandra D’Italia. Eavesdrop on our conversation while we discuss race and womanhood at the hearth level.

Pioneering Minds

“Delve into stories of the North East’s industrial heritage and learn something new with our heritage podcast series - Pioneering Minds. Working in partnership with Ruth Baldasera, The Common Room present this series of podcasts, themed on the eminent engineer, Charles Parsons and his world-changing inventions.”

Not the Gear: The Photographer’s Podcast

Interesting guest photographers from all varieties of the art join a friendly rotation of hosts Adam Juniper, Tanya Nagar, and Dan M Lee – all published authors – for a friendly and enlightening chat about their skills and experiences, while aiming to keep as much of a lid as any geeks can on the product promotion.