Every week, we independent podcasters spend time crafting our next episode; getting the levels just right, and making the conversation sizzle. We’re not all professional audio engineers, we just want to delight our friends and our fans. So we write the show notes and upload our MP3 and hit Publish, and then… what?

Maybe we tweet about it, maybe we throw up a Facebook post, or we make a little video for the ‘gram. Then six days later we’re putting together the next episode, and the cycle continues.

No wonder so many podcasts never make it past episode seven.

Today, I’m hoping to change that. I’d like to tell you about Podiant Loop, a group mentoring programme for ambitious podcasters, where you and a handful of others will join me each month to discuss the obstacles you’re facing and figure out how to clear them.

We’ll cover things like

  • knowing your audience, so you can build a more-effective growth plan
  • growing your influence, with tools, tactics and mindsets employed by successful marketers
  • making sense of the tech and keeping abreast of new developments in the industry that can help you
  • staying motivated and accountable, setting measurable goals and getting backing from your teammates

Find out more

I’m running an open session on , and would love you to join me. It’s entirely free, and will give you the chance to raise any questions you have about the programme.

Who is this Mark person anyway?

I made my first podcast in 2008 (yes it was awful, no you can’t hear it). Since then I’ve worked consistently in front of and behind the mic, hosting and producing my own shows, producing them for others, and educating people.

I run the podcasting company Podiant, which has helped thousands of podcasters start and grow their shows since 2016. I’ve worked with the BBC, delivering podcasting workshops and guesting on a number of radio shows and podcasts, I ran a podcast festival in 2018, helped develop the Bullseye category for the British Podcast Awards in the same year, and have helped authors, thought-leaders and celebrities make great-sounding podcasts.

Everyone and their granny has a book or a video course — I wanted to do something different. No one podcast is the same, and the tactics that might work for one growth-hacking guru probably aren’t going to work for you. Off-the-shelf courses can range from ~$200 to $2.5k+, and when you’ve completed the course, you’re on your own, so I created Loop as a way to offer credible podcast coaching at a truly affordable price.

It’s not just about the tricks, the hacks, and the knowhow. It’s also about working together. You’ll keep the same Loopmates throughout your time in the programme, so you’ll have the chance to get to know everyone and find ways you can work together to help each-other grow — whether that’s something as simple as guesting on each-other’s shows, cross-promoting episodes, or starting something new together.

The free open session is on . I’d love to see you there.

Join our next free open session and meet your new Loopmates.