It’s the 1st of a new month, but we’re not done with our week of announcements. Today we’re solving a frustration countless podcasters have faced when they reach the limit of what their hosting provider can do:

It’s a pain to migrate your podcast to another host.

First you need to research your new home, to make sure it gives you all the features you need, like a beautiful, mobile-responsive, customisable website, predictable pricing, an embeddable player, one-click distribution, analytics that show your audience size… I could go on.

Then you’ve got to import your old RSS feed, assuming you know what that is and where to find it, if your current host even shows it to you. Then once your episodes are imported, you need to contact your current provider or navigate through their interface to find out how to redirect your feed to the new one… the whole thing’s a hassle.

There’s got to be a better way!

OK, enough of the sales pitch. Let me show you Move-in.

Move-in step 1

Just enter your podcast’s name and we’ll check the Apple Podcasts directory to make sure we’ve go the right one. If you’re not listed there and you know your RSS feed URL, you can pop that in too.

Once we’ve found your podcast, we’ll show you on-screen what to do next, and you’ll see a button that says “Move your podcast to Podiant”. From there you can sign up for a new account, and you’ll find that we’ve pre-filled in the details to setup your show. Finish setting up your account and you’ll be taken to the dashboard, where your podcast is already importing.

Our new pre-launch dashboard gives you the exact steps you need to follow next, to setup a redirect from your old host.

If you’re happy with your current provider, and they’re giving you everything you need, you should stick with them. But if you want to try a simpler user-interface, a feature-rich content management system and work with a partner that’s always evolving and improving, give us a try.