Player FM is a podcast app that works across iOS, Android, and the web. You can download and use it free forever, and there are paid upgrades too. We all know that being listed on Apple Podcasts and Spotify is great, but most people don't have iPhones, and others might not want to use Spotify, so having another app that isn't restricted to one platform is great for you because it means more listeners!

Submitting your podcast to Player FM was previously a manual process that involved creating an account and adding your RSS feed URL. Not an overly arduous process, but with so many apps available, it's just yet another thing to add to your overcrowded todo list.

But from today, podcasters on our Professional or Network hosting plans can add their shows to Player FM in seconds, with no typing, and no account setup.

Just login to your dashboard, head to Settings > Distribution, select Player FM, and hit the big green "submit" button. That's it. Now, give it a few minutes and your show will be accessible from the Player FM app, and we'll add a badge to your page and optionally your website, so new listeners can get straight to your content in their favourite app.

This comes as part of a big update to our content management system, which includes automatic Amazon affiliate link generation, pinning episodes to your homepage, network-wide extensions and more. Hear about them all in the latest episode of Platform.

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