As lockdown got into full swing in March here in the UK, I spent a lot of time chatting to people about their podcasting plans. The more conversations I had, the more I thought Podiant could be doing to help new podcasters get their shows launched, so today we’re announcing the simplest, most comprehensive, hassle-free guide to podcasting that has ever existed.

Podiant presents "How to make a podcast"

This is all part of our new Podiant Podcasters’ Hub, a mammoth resource for podcasters whether they’re a part of the Podiant family or not. We’ve got the latest industry news, hand-picked from top sources, apps and services to check out, and for our customers, a set of searchable guides on getting the best out of our products, including documentation for techies on working with the new Sites.js engine we announced yesterday.

Our first course, How to Make a Podcast, is free, interactive, and each lesson comes with a video summarising the key points. And the most important thing:

You don’t need to sign up to anything.

The course is entirely free, packed full of advice from my years behind the mic and mixing desk in radio and podcasting, and the 20+ years I’ve spent building websites people actually want to use.

Of course, I’d love new podcasters to try Podiant out as their hosting partner, and yes you can drop us your email address if you need to step away from the course and get a reminder later on, but ultimately I just wanted to make this available and keep it open to all, in the spirit of the medium.

While I only started writing the words in July, I’ve really been working on this since I graduated university with my degree in radio, back in the dawn of the 21st century. I’m really proud of it and hope you’ll find some useful advice here, even if this isn’t your first rodeo. Or your first podcast; I can’t really help you with the rodeo thing, sorry.

Check out How to Make a Podcast, and if you haven’t already, follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss our International Podcast Day live stream tomorrow, and the rest of the week of announcements we’ve got planned.