This week I’m delighted to announce our official partnership with the leading streaming music provider, meaning you can now list your Podiant podcast in Spotify! This comes as part of an update to our system, replacing the old “Subscription links” page with an updated, friendlier and more flexible “Directory listings” page. Within the Directory listings section of your Podiant dashboard, you can submit to multiple directories and add buttons for other apps, or have us do the submission for you.

We’re also slim-lining the buttons that appear on your podcast pages, so by default, listeners will only see links for Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and - once you submit your show - Spotify. You can re-enable buttons for other apps within the Directory listings section of your dashboard, but we recommend keeping things simple, in accordance with James Cridland’s advice.

Submitting your show to Spotify

We have a simple set of statements - written in plain English - that we need podcasters to understand and agree to, as Spotify does more than simply list your podcast in a directory. Once you agree to the statements, your podcast should be automatically added to Spotify’s directory. Once that happens, a “Subscribe via Spotify” button will be added to your website.

For the first few minutes, the Spotify button might take you to a 404 page on Spotify’s website. That’s simply because it takes a little time for their index to update, but rest assured, if you see the button, it’ll work within a few minutes, and will soon be searchable from within the Spotify app.

We can now submit your show to other directories for you

Because we have a special relationship with Spotify, we can automatically submit your show to their directory. For services that don’t work so closely with partners, we can now submit to those directories on your behalf, including Apple Podcasts.

You’re still completely free to do this yourself, and retain full control over your listing. But if you want that job handled by someone else, we’ve got your back.

Why are you still reading? Go get your podcast on Spotify!

If you’re already a Podiant customer, head to the dashboard, hit Settings and choose Directory listings. Click “Spotify” and check through our terms. Click the button to agree and submit, and that’s it. Really.

If you’re not yet a Podiant customer or you’re setting up a new podcast, head to to save 25% on an annual subscription (that’s three months of podcast hosting for free!)