The UK is the second highest-ranked country for podcast consumption, but indie podcasters of Blighty haven’t been given a great platform to host their work and grow their audience. And frankly, up until now, we haven’t much helped. Like almost everyone else, we’ve been charging in US Dollars, because the perceived wisdom for cloud platforms has long been “everyone’s used to Dollars, just shut up and charge in Dollars”.

Well, pish posh.

Today, Podiant is announcing UK pricing and a commitment to helping independent British podcasters thrive. Our UK plans start at £9.99 per month, and are available from today, at

We’re all going through turbulent times, and with Brexit looming and the Pound fluctuating like a kangaroo on a pogo stick, we figured we could save podcasters money and irritation by charging in GBP, which means what you see on-screen is what you pay, always. No more currency fluctuations, just one, simple price. And because our support staff is UK-based, you’ll get help and advice on your schedule.

Speaking of turbulent times, to celebrate our commitment to powering British podcasts™, and to do our bit to make 2020 a little less terrible, we’re launching something very British and very, very funny.

Todayful is a comedy news podcast from writers Jon Bounds and Jon Hickman, authors of 101 Things Birmingham Gave the World, and co-hosts of Beware of the Leopard, the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast… among many other hilarious works.

You can check out the pilot episode now in Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever fine podcasts are downloaded, and subscribe now in time for our first episode, on Monday 2nd November.

Todayful is topical, satirical, and tightly packed with jokes. There are also puns, but every new project always has some teething problems.

If you want to know more about our plans to help keep Britain podcasting, subscribe to Platform for an update from our founder, later today. But for now, happy podcasting, and good day to you!


PS: Our international pricing is still available and remains unchanged.