Today, I’m delighted to announce that, once again we’ve teamed up with the British Podcast Awards, this time to create the Bullseye award, honouring exceptional podcasts that serve niche audiences.

We’ve been proud sponsors of the British Podcast Awards’ Comedy category for the last two years, but this time we wanted to do something different, and celebrate those creators who show up every week to serve their audience, without the plush studio or the advertisement deals some of the major names receive.

The Bullseye award isn’t simply a participation certificate or an attaboy, but a chance to spotlight shows that excel at serving a niche audience or target a specific topic and make it compelling, whether it’s about politics or pop culture.

Entries for all categories are open now, and you must be in a UK podcast to enter (the Bullseye award is a special category, and eligible podcasts will be automatically entered in). The awards ceremony is always a fun-packed night, with the chance to meet some of your heroes and friends.

So if you’re in the UK and your podcast serves a niche, and you receive fewer than 5,000 downloads per episode (as a guide), then enter one of the public categories at this year’s British Podcast Awards, and we’ll see you at Kings Place, on Saturday 18th May.

And if you do come to the event, look for the guy with the Loda the Robot t-shirt — chances are he’ll have stickers.