Our new web player has been in beta since January, and we're now releasing it to the world. All shows currently on the previous version of the player have been updated (but for a limited time you'll still be able to switch back to the legacy player from your podcast settings).

Look at the shiny new player!

It has better support for mobile devices and slower Internet connections, and is more accessible for those with motor and visual impairments. It also showcases a feature we call Applause -- where listeners can tap the 👏 button as many times as they like during a segment they enjoy -- and something new and rather exciting, launched today.

Introducing social clips 🎉

You might have already heard or read about iOS podcast apps Overcast and Castro introducing the ability to share clips of podcast episodes on social media. Well, I'm delighted to announce that we're bringing this functionality to our web player!

The pop-out clip editor

Among all the other sharing options included in our player is a new Record button. Tap that and you'll see an interface where you can clip out the piece of audio you want to share, up to a minute long.

You can create landscape, portrait or square videos that you can download for sharing on Instagram, but we also provide each clip its own home on the web, so there's on need to copy and paste multiple web addresses when composing a tweet or a Facebook post. This means that in one simple post, you can share a clip and a webpage that shows your listeners all the ways they can subscribe to your podcast.

Let's see what this button does! #testing https://t.co/6ylnkdsAUx

-- Mark Steadman (@iamsteadman) June 20, 2019

An example tweet showing the playable clip and a link to the website.

Right now, we don't support emojis or non-Latin characters in our videos -- which is why the 👇 emoji in my podcast name doesn't show above -- but I'm hopeful we'll add this soon.

As I mentioned, each clip gets its own little webpage, that features the new Podiant player. The player will start at your clip's start point and will pause once the clip has ended, but listeners can carry on listening to the rest of the episode, simply by hitting the Play button again.

The clip's webpage contains all your shows' subscription buttons, so it's never been easier to share clips from your latest episode, and to let listeners share what they love.

A brief note about privacy

Social clips exists simply as a way to help you and your listeners share clips from your podcast. We don't collect any information about who creates or plays clips, and no-one needs to sign up for any account to use the feature.

How to get started

To enable clipping, login to your Podiant dashboard, select your podcast, hit Settings > Player , then check the new box marked "Allow listeners to clip segments of episodes".

While you're there, why not get acquainted with the new customisation options for the web player?

Remember, you can access the clips function by hitting the Share button in the web player, then hitting the Record button. The clips feature works best on tablets, laptops and desktops, and we don't show the share button on mobiles, to save space.

This feature is only available for podcasts hosted on Podiant. Existing customers can find out more about the new social clips feature in our latest forum post. If you're new to Podiant and you'd like to try a platform that makes sharing content this easy, come and join us!