Before I crack on, just to let you know that I was made aware of another (much briefer) outage with our file host. The service they’re providing is still relatively young, but it’s one we’re sticking with, so do bear with us through any hiccups (they’ll start to become fewer and further away before too long).

So in other news, we now have a testing tool for the podto: URI scheme. It’s slightly adapted for the web. It’s pretty barebones and is only meant to answer one question: “if I click the ‘Subscribe’ button in step 2, does my browser take me to step 3?”

I’m still hard at work on Project Anvil, and look forward to sharing more about that when I can (you can hear a little more about on this week’s episode of Platform).

I’m going to be at Blockstack Berlin next week, learning all about the blockchain and consorting with some giant brains, so there’ll be no Platform or TWiP* update next week, so until next we speak, happy podcasting!

*Please don’t sue me, Leo!