Frequently asked questions

What does Podiant do?

Podiant keeps your audio files online, adds the necessary tech so you can be listed with Apple Podcasts, Spotify and others, and gathers data on how many people have downloaded your episodes. Podiant also provides a website, embeddable player and a suite of other tools to help you share your work.

Can I move my podcast to Podiant?

Yes. Our Move-in service is free, and lets you quickly and easily import your existing episodes and metadata. Once your podcast is imported, we have guides to help you migrate away from your existing host.

How does your pricing work?

You pay a flat fee of either $12.99 or $24.99 to host your podcast (depending on the services you need). It doesn't matter how many episodes or downloads you have, or how long your episodes are; you pay the same price per podcast (ie: per show listed with Apple Podcasts). You can also create a network of podcasts, and pay a flat fee to host between 3 and 20 podcasts.

How do I record my podcast?

Podcast episodes are edited audio files, so you need software to record your voice and mix in music. But it's not tricky -- our Podcasters' Hub is full of guides and resources to help you pick the app that fits your needs, and get to grips with it. We take audio in just about any format, and process it to a podcast-compatible MP3 file that plays everywhere.