Meet Loda, the world’s first podcasting robot

Our founder likes to describe Podiant as a “tiny podcasting machine”. The brains of that machine is Loda, the robot that helps keep everything running. Here’s a little of what Loda can do.


Keep your audio crispy

Loda checks every piece of audio before it goes up to the cloud, to make sure it’ll play on every device. From converting to MP3* to adding chapters and artwork, Loda does it all, and is pretty quick at it, too.

Loda accepts lots of different audio formats, so as long as you can hear your latest episode through your speakers, chances are Loda can work with it (and of course if there are ever any issues, you’ll get a notification).

* Loda uses a bitrate of 160kbps for music podcasts, and 96kbps for non-music podcasts.

Always know how your podcast is doing

Loda will email you once a week — usually around the time you might be thinking about uploading your next episode — with a brief overview of your download numbers, and even some tips to help your podcast grow.

Right now, Loda checks your episode metadata and evaluates it against industry standards, to help you put your best foot forward. In the future, our little helper will be packed with even more super-powers to help you sound your best.

Get your show listed in all the major directories

Submitting to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and the rest is free, but it takes time out of your day. Plus, it’s just a pain.

Loda can submit your shows for you, making sure you’re listed in the right category to maximise your reach. You can choose from lots of different directories, and Loda will submit to them all on your behalf, at no extra cost.

Of course, if you’d rather do it yourself, we have helpful step-by-step guides to make it easy.

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