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Know your audience, grow your influence, keep connected, and stay motivated group mentoring.

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Join a group mentoring program that supports you in growing your audience, finding ways to monetize, and collaborating with others.

Running a podcast can be a lonely job at times. Even if you have regular guests or contributors, it can be difficult to know if you’re on the right track, or where there might be areas for improvement. In an era of fewer in-person conferences and meetups, opportunities to learn or to get realtime feedback are hard to come by.

  • Meet Mark, your group facilitator

    Mark has been serving the podcast community since 2008, building tech, running courses and workshops, delivering talks and editing countless hours of audio.

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How Podiant Loop can help

Books, blog posts and video courses can only get you so far, and they can’t take your unique experiences into account.

Loop sessions give you facetime with people who know the challenges indie podcasters face, so you get real-world advice that applies to your situation.

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Know your audience

Growing your audience starts with knowing who they are, and how your work benefits them. Loop sessions help you reconnect with your podcast’s purpose, which forms the basis of your marketing strategy.

Grow your influence

You’ll work with Mark and other members of your Loop cohort to explore new ways to increase your reach. There are no shortcuts — doing it right takes patience and persistence, but your Loopmates have your back.

Untangle the tech

Podcast tech can feel daunting, but with Podiant Loop, you have a hive mind you can tap into for answers. If you’re faced with a particular tech problem, bring it to your Loop session and come away with the solution.

Stay motivated and accountable

Share the highs and lows of your journey with likeminded people. Set targets and receive encouragement and support from your peers. Keep in contact with your Loopmates to avoid podfade and burnout.

How the program works

Start by joining one of our free open sessions, to get a feel for how your monthly group calls will go. Meet some of the new people who’ll join your cohort, and quiz Mark about the program.

Podiant Loop membership is $84 per month, and includes your monthly group calls, recordings of calls you might have missed, and access to a mastermind group.

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  • Monthly group calls

    Each month, you and up to seven other podcasters will have a two-hour video call with Mark. Everyone will get the chance to share what they’re working on or bring up any challenges they’re facing. Sessions are informal, but confidental. What happens in the Loop stays in the Loop!

  • Video archive

    All Loop sessions are recorded and shared just between Loopmates, so if you miss a call, you can catch up at your leasure, or replay a previous session to refresh your memory.

  • The hive mind

    Our community, powered by Mighty Networks, is full of ambitious and creative storytellers like you. It’s where you’ll find your video archive, and is the first place you’ll hear about other initiatives we’re planning to help podcasters achieve more.

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