Our next open office hours are on Friday 23rd April, at 6:00pm.

Drop in every Friday to get answers to your podcasting questions, learn more about Podiant, or kick off your weekend.

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Podiant’s open office hours are a weekly opportunity to ask questions or catch up on the world of podcasting, with Mark Steadman, Podiant’s founder and experienced podcaster.

You don’t need to have a podcast to join, and it’s open to everyone regardless of whether they’ve worked with Podiant before.

Got questions?

If you have questions about Podiant or the wider world of podcasting, this is the place to ask. In open office hours we talk about

  • Getting to grips with the medium
  • Audience development and growth
  • New software and recording equipment
  • How to get the most out of your podcast on Podiant

It’s a safe space

Our open office hours are casual affairs, but everything said inside them is confidental and off-the-record.

Podiant’s founder Mark, who runs open the weekly sessions is based in the UK where it’s Friday evening, so there’s a chilled, after-work atmosphere.