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Tanya in India - Part 2

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Ep 5 - Tanya in India (Part 1)

4000km of Street Photography by the River Ganges

Ep 4 - Drones

Getting flying for aerial photography, plus plagiarism v cultural appropriation and zombie instagramers.

Ep 03 - Seamus Travers, Tear Gas & The CONIFA Cup

From being in the right place at the right time to being in countries that aren't recognised

Ep 2 - Joeseth Carter, Gig Photographer

Gig Photography, Following the Band, and Sony's Ambitions,

Ep 1 - Dan M Lee, Amsterdam, Electronic Viewfinders & Fake Anteaters

Magmod ambassador Dan M Lee talks about shooting travel, and we all look at the latest events

Ep 0 - Street Photography and Radiation

Adam and Tanya talk about her recent trip to Japan and the site of the Fukushima disaster.

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In very different ways, co-hosts Adam and Tanya are photo enthusists. Adam has spent years publishing books by other people about photography. Tanya is an acomplished Street Photographer. In this podcast they talk photography, beginning in Episode 0 where Tanya herself talks about a recent trip, but soon expanding to welcome interviewees from across the the industry.

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