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S2 E01: Tracy Chavez of Starcom and Yareli Esteban of Strategar

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"What's most worrisome is a lack of curiosity" - a conversation with Matías Jaramillo

Matías Jaramillo, Director of Digital Initiatives, Dieste

Gonzalo López Martí - LMMiami

"We have distorted our business model...we have to look for the things that unite us."

Episode 8 - Lokal Media House

New media for an interactive world

Ep 7 Jack Hobbs - reVOLVER

Podcasts can offer advertisers a laser-focused delivery system

Episode 6: "Diversity has been at the forefront" - Suzanne La Forgia, Captivate and the AAF

Conversation with Suzanne La Forgia, President of the AAF Dallas Chapter

Yareli Esteban of Strategar

Yareli and I talk about banking, cars, local businesses, being Latina in the industry and more

John Costello - How’s the world of production these days?

Today we talk to John Costello - a great human being and a producer with many years of experience - to give you an idea, ...

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A podcast about all aspects advertising and marketing. We look at diversity issues, challenges, media, where the industry has been, where it's going, with guests and experts from all disciplines.Let's talk about advertising.

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