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Ep 19 - Chocolate Milk

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Ep 17 - On Hold

Making friends with the microphone.

Episode 16 - The Music Hotel

My business plan and my flexibility

Episode 15 - Black Hole EP Released!

Check out the Black Hole EP, now available on Spotify and iTunes!

Episode 14 - Cilia w/Ivan

Ivan and I talk about discipline, obsession, and eyebrows.

Episode 13 - Joe Rogan Took My Print!

Features my song "5 years", blockchain tech, and Ivan makes a bomb steak.

Episode 12 - Rubberbands

Working your ass off and not getting paid is the baayyystttt!!

Episode 11 - Sweat Pants

My trip to Yosemite with the brother, and the progress i've had with my upcoming release.

Episode 10 - Brother Ivan Ishkov

Ivan talks about the last 10 years of his life in college and the research he's been doing as a physicist.

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