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Episode 11 - w/ Cousin Wil

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Episode 10

This episode Michael talks about his new and unique business idea and the factors that led him to pursue it. Then for current news we talk about the man who jumped into a shark tank in Toronto, the Vancouver municipal election and the fact that BC had only 1 dispensary open on legalization day.

Episode 9 - w/ Nelson Soh

This week on #BeatParky Michael is joined by Nelson, a friend he met at KPMG when first starting as an accountant. The guys talk about how Nelson got into accounting and future plans, selling and flipping stuff, Elon Musk's simulation theory, fitness and nutrition, self reflection and Nelson's favourite self-help books.

Episode 8

This week we talk about Michael's moving adventures and the mystery box in his storage room. We also talk about the Japanese billionaire who bought a flight to the moon, Michael Rapaport suing Barstool Sports, Elon Musk stepping down as Tesla's chairman and the Drake/Millie Bobby Brown situation.

Episode 7 - w/ Denny Dumas

This week on #BeatParky Podcast Michael is joined by Denny Dumas, a realtor in Greater Vancouver who has seen great success since entering the industry a couple of years ago. The guys talk about Denny's backstory and how he got into real estate, the drive and work ethic required to separate yourself from the rest in a professional field, what motivates/drives them, self-development, the wild Vancouver real estate market and defend social media against producer Karol!

Episode 6

This episode we talk about Elon Musk on the Joe Rogan Podcast, Mac Miller's death, the Serena Williams cartoon, Pacific National Exhibition and upcoming TeaParky events.

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Welcome to #BeatParky Podcast - created by Michael (Founder of Tea Parky) to give insight into life through the eyes of somone affected by Parkinson's Disease, as well as the struggles of trying to build a successful start-up. Guests are also brought on the discuss all sorts of random topics!

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