Black Law and Legal Lies

Probably the most illegally legal podcast. Ann is an attorney and Dan is a middle-school dropout with experience in, let's say, not abiding by the law.

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The Death Penalty (Lost Episode 2)

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Carnado Damage.

The Student Loan Crisis

Student Loan Cry, Sis (and Bro).

Well and Watered (feat. Jayda Atkinson)

Jack of all trades, master of peace.

Anti-Vaxxer Movement (Lost Episode 1)

Should not vaccinating your children be a crime?

The Settlement.

Is a Settlement an Admission of Guilt?

Dear Entrepreneurs

Legitimizing and Protecting Your Business/Brand.

Varsity Blues.

Becky With The Fraud!

Black In America.

Racism in 2019.

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Black Law and Legal Lies is a weekly podcast where Ann, an actual licensed and practicing attorney, and Dan, a middle-school dropout who is also an actual licensed driver, discuss various topics from legal and not-so-legal points of view. Subjects include trending topics, current events, black culture, anything taboo, and a whole slew of complete and utter randomness. Every episode will feature an Ask an Attorney segment where an attorney will attempt answering a handful of audience questions.

Both hosts are equally experienced in law, but only one is an attorney.

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