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The Salem Crew Session 4 - The Naughty List

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Session 25 - The Battle of the Bands

There was an attempt to make this a three-parter. Attempt being the key word there.

Session 24 - Subject NJ-1909-Q7R

Hahahaaaaa I almost forgot to upload this one.

Session 23 - Laser Tag

The most 90's episode yet.

Session 22 - The Coven

No you can't just use magic to spoil the whole fucking mystery early, guys. C'mon.

Session 21 - Leakin Park

Flying off the seat of my pants for most of this session, and it still turned out great.

Session 20 - First Encounters

I had fun exploring their backgrounds a little bit.

Session 19 - The Gang vs. the DHEA

Hey, turns out Grahm's just a tiny little badass.

Session 18 - Bowie

A little trip to my hometown. Aw yeah.

Session 17 - Axehole

No, you literally have to call it the Axehole or it won't work. I promise.

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Four dinguses play Monster of the Week and maybe some other various tabletop roleplaying games.

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