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Session 18 - Bowie

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Session 17 - Axehole

No, you literally have to call it the Axehole or it won't work. I promise.

Session 16 - Your Cool Uncle

Merlin is the best NPC this campaign has ever created.

Session 15 - Calling In Some Backup

Merlin is your cool uncle, it is known and it is canon.

The Salem Crew Session 3 - Cupid

There's never been a horny me; and never shall I horny be

Session 14 - Dumpster Diving

Yo I was fucking pumped for this hunt to begin.

The Salem Crew Session 2 - The Sanders Daughters

It's an off week, so back to these goobers.

Session 13 - Downtime

Doing so many scatchy voiced characters in one session is hell on my throat.

Session 12 - Under the Boardwalk

It's like that song that I don't know the words to, only with more shadow demons.

Session 11 - Stick to the Shadows

Everything about this entire session is amazing and I love it.

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Four dinguses play Monster of the Week and maybe some other various tabletop roleplaying games.

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