Calvin and Hobbescast

Each Calvin and Hobbes strip, reviewed and analyzed in order of publication.

Latest episode
28: "I kiss the sweet ground" (w/ Sean German) Dec 15, 1985

Older episodes

25: "Then what did you watch?" Dec 12, 1985

Calvin interrogates Hobbes about what he watched last night

24: "Fine time to take a bath!" Dec 11, 1985

Hobbes is a specific type of timed alarm

23: "She's on to me." Dec 10, 1985

Calvin tries to get a cookie by threatening extreme sports.

22: "Let's murder our spouses!" Dec 9, 1985

Calvin stays home sick and watches TV about bad people

21: "Zounds!" (w/ Sean German) Dec 8, 1985

Spaceman Spiff discovers an awful smell in the cave/teacher's lounge.

20: "Orbit trajectory" Nov 7, 1985

Houston, we have a negative on that orbit trajectory.

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There's treasure everywhere! Hop into the transmogrifier and turn youself into a kid again (ok, fine...just use the time machine) as Nathan looks at Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes one glorious strip at a time. Yukon Ho!

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