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The Chubby Girl with a Unibrow Podcast Hosted By Skylar Bumgardner

I am the most cliche story in the book, growing up in a farm town as a chubby tomboy then moving to New York because I was signed as a model. Moving to the city from a farm town of 2,000 people when I was 18 years old was nearly crazy. But do you know what is even more crazy? For 18 years of my life I didn't know my self worth. I thought moving to the big city would give me all of the answers, but it honestly left me with more questions. I am creating this podcast to talk about my lowest points in life (that we all have) to prove that they were the foundation to my highest. Through my stories, and eventually the stories of my guests, I want you to be motived to overcome whatever is holding you back from being the person you were created to be. If the chubby girl with a unibrow can, you have the ability too.

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Edited by Said Yapp @saidyapp Music by Dan McEntee @dan.mc8

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