A Couple Of Average Joe's

Cocktails With Heather, Cinescape Magazine, The Movie Review Show, and The Flicks of the Week

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A Couple Of Average Joe's is a podcast network made up of several different shows:

Cocktails With Heather - With Heather Dyan, Joe Speigle and Mike Sutherland, a "dating advice" show where we dispell the myths of conventional dating, learn about weird dating rituals from around the world and of course, make with the sexy time

The Hollywood Video Review Show - We review the latest Hollywood big budget #film and then we bring the results right to you. We also have our Flicks of the Week where we talk about our favorite (and not so favorite) films, tv shows, documentaries and anything else that comes to mind.

13 Things You Didn't Know About - Our movie trivia countdown show, where we give you the 13 things you didn't know about your favorite movies and TV shows, whether it's animated or live action.

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