Clowning Around Seriously

A show for kind-hearted wizkids! ClownTown Population: Funhundred

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There are many words one can use to describe The Clowning Around Seriously Podcast. One of those words is podcast (of course), another one is existing. This podcast dives into the real topics confronting our culture, it has several hard-hitting, completely pointless segments that some describe as "it seems like they are just made up on the spot." This podcast is about love, kindness, goofs and giggles, And we take those things seriously out here in Clowntown: Population Funhundred. So Join us kind-hearted wizkids on this journey through word fumbles, bad jokes, missing the mark one what comedy is supposed to be, and completely butchering the English grammar system. Not all clowns wear make-up, and not all comedy podcasts are good.

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