Dr Torrance Jenkins

Answers to questions from teachers, parents and children about all things learning.

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“Show me the science, then tell me how to use it” (Grace, parent).
For the last decade, Dr Torrance Jenkins has been a science teacher, writer, researcher and digital education consultant. Along the way, she has been asked many brilliant questions by parents, children and teachers - about learning, what we really need our children to know and how to survive in a digital world. How do I help my child deal with stress? Are video games really bad for our children? How do I help my child remember better? Can I keep my adult brain fit as I age? Can I future-proof my child's career? Can I teach my child to be more creative? How do I help my child focus? If most of what we know now will be redundant in the next decades, what key skills will guarantee my children success beyond school? Why is mindfulness so good for our brains? What's the greatest lesson from neuroscience? Are there any socio-emotional benefits to gaming?Dr Torrance Jenkins answers all these questions, and more. Light-hearted, accessible and based only on proper science, this series offers practical tips for you to use right away. Until we understand how brains learn, and when learning flourishes, how will children reach their full potential?

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