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Industry Insight: Top Selling RPGs of 2018 (episode 59)

What do players buy, and why? Let's find out.

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Better Background (episode 58)

Many of us fall into the trap of writing an overly complicated background that, in retrospective, doesn’t come into play. How to fix that?

Analysis Paralysis (episode 57)

Over-analysis can grind the game to a halt, but this problem has several good solutions.

Interview with Drew Hayes (episode 56)

Author and roleplayer Drew Hayes wrote some of Uri's favorite books, so we brought him for a talk!

The Playmaker Awards, with Epistolary Richard (episode 55)

Richard Williams introduces the Playmaker Awards, for those who create the spaces in which we play.

Good Society, with Storybrewers (episode 54)

Hayley and Vee of Storybrewers discuss the game design behind their marvellous Good Society.

Era: Lyres, with Ed Jowett (episode 53)

We talk with the prolific Ed Jowett, creator of the Era line of RPG games.

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On the Shoulders of Dwarves is a weekly podcast focusing on practical advice for role-players, with a lighthearted atmosphere and no GM screen. Every 30-40 minutes episode focuses on a specific subject, with the aim to provide useful suggestions for players and GMs who are looking to solve a problem they came up against, or just upgrade their game.

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