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What to look for in a preschool

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Are you concerned about your 18-24 month old child's language?

Thinking about and supporting early language development

The Importance of Crawling

The progression of early physical skills

Rethinking Screen Time

Reflecting on screen time and developing a family media plan

Young Children and Screen Time

Talking about the concerns

Behavior is Communication

Reframing your child's behavior

Thinking about Social Media

The Positive and Negatives in Our Lives

Distracted Parenting

The Effect of Parental Technology Use on a Child's Development

Keeping Your Children Engaged During Winter

Having a plan for inside and outside activities

Getting Back into the Routine

Consistency and Patience are the Key

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The Early Years podcast is about supporting your young child's development though everyday moments and activities. Each week we will explore topics that help you as parents and caregivers to sing, play, bond, and teach children in a creative, loving, and respectful way.

We will offer support as you parent your young child through the critical early years of birth to five years old. These are years of rapid growth and development as a baby becomes a toddler, and then a young child. You, the parent, teach your child skills everyday through interactions, daily routines, new experiences, and play. You are critical to your child’s development. You are an engage parent and you are giving your child an enriched childhood.

Each week, my guest and I will discuss topics and ideas relating to the early years of childhood. We explore ways for you to engage your child and support their development through everyday moments. We will be your parenting coaches to help you enrich their childhood, your days and your lives together.

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