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Effort, Determination, Grit and Endurance. The very definition of EDGE PodCasts. This show is about everyday people, and listening to their story of perserverance. Whether it is how they completed their first marathon, or how they did not finish a Spartan race. We will find those stories and hear why and how they failed, and succeeded.

Too many people have given in to everyday life. Between work, family life, and the endless list of other reasons, we have forgotten what it means to enjoy our time on earth. We have forgotten that in order to acheive new goals, we must push ourselves past our comfort zones, and find the confidence to know that anything is possible. Sometimes it is as simple as getting off our butts and walking around the block. Whatever it is that needs to be accomplished is the story we want to convey. We want others to know the ups and downs to the pinnacle of successfully accomplishing your goals. Inspire them, get them moving, get them succeeding.

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