The Elementary Doctrines

A convenient way to listen to Sam and Nick Soleyn’s book, “The Elementary Doctrines”

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The Elementary Doctrines: Chapter 7- The Elementary Doctrines and the Maturing Son

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The Elementary Doctrines: Chapter 6- Eternal Judgement

The position of the qualified judge is reserved only for the mature

The Elementary Doctrines: Chapter 3- Baptisms

The purposes of the different baptisms

The Elementary Doctrines: Chapter 2- Faith Toward God

Faith Toward God is the basis of a way of life

The Elementary Doctrines: Chapter 1- The Repentance From Acts That Lead to Death

Repentance From Acts That Lead to Death is the first step

The Elementary Doctrines: Book Introduction

Maturation is expected in the Body of Christ.

The Elementary Doctrines: Sam Soleyn's Introduction

"Elementary" does not mean simplistic.

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Sam and Nick Soleyn’s book, The Elementary Doctrines, is must-have information for any Christian who wants to understand the basic principles underlying the kingdom of God. In this podcast the book is presented chapter by chapter for anyone with a long drive or some time on their hands to ingest this basic primer that many of even the most mature in Christ may not have considered.

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