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Temptation Eyes - February 1, 1985

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Unchained – November 2, 1956

Or is this episode called “Unchained Melody”? Sam leaps into Chance Cole, a prisoner on a Southern chain gang in 1956. Cole is shackled to fellow inmate, Jasper Boone, who has been wrongfully imprisoned for series of store robberies. Somehow,

Happy 30th Anniversary, Quantum Leap!

On March 26th, 1989, or favorite TV show debuted on NBC is a special two-hour movie event. We discuss what 30 years of Quantum Leap has meant us, as well as some thoughts from our listeners.

A Single Drop of Rain – September 7, 1953

Sam leaps into Billy Beaumont, a traveling huckster who promises to literally make it rain. Sam arrives as Billy and his assistant, Clinton, are pulling into Billy’s drought-ridden hometown of Clover Bend, Texas. In the original history,

Dreams – February 28, 1979

Sam leaps into Jack Stone, a Malibu, California police detective. When Sam finds an eviscerated body immediately after leaping in, his psyche is thrown into turmoil, giving him nightmares and possible visions of his own impending death,

Throwback Episode: Black on White on Fire – August 11, 1965

Some family issues came up this weekend, preventing us from recording. So we’re revisiting one of our favorites from Season 3, Black on White on Fire. We often talk on this show about Quantum Leap episodes that haven’t aged well,

The Wrong Stuff – January 24, 1961

Sam’s a chimponaut! Sam leaps into Bobo, a chimpanzee in the early days of the space program. Sam was to prevent the disappearance (and later, the unnecessary death) of Bobo, and another chimp named Cory. Sam Fain and Dennis discuss an episode that at ...

Raped – June 20, 1980

CW for this episode: Frank discussion about rape, victim-blaming, and victim-shaming Sam leaps into a Katie McBain, a rape victim, as she is in the hospital after her attack. As Katie, Sam pursues charges and a trial against the man who assaulted her,

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Sam & Dennis bring you a weekly (mostly) podcast following the exploits of our favorite time traveler, Sam Beckett. We dive deep attempting to contextualize each episode in the time it was set, time it was produced, and time of our rewatch. We'll also have plenty of info on the actors, locations, history, and production team with our customary digressions on TV, pop culture, and theatre. Join us as we leap from episode to episode, novel to novel, comic to comic until we run out of things to talk about... And even then...

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