Fayetteville Folkus

Folks in northwest Arkansas interviewed about their communities.

Latest episode
Building Resilience and Long-Term Sustainability in our Society

An Engineer, an Architect, and a Philosopher ponder thinking with a long-view, and ask, “Why don’t we place more importance on being good ancestors?”.

Older episodes

Fayetteville City Sustainability Department and Northwest Arkansas Land Trust plan and work toward resilience

Two efforts, one governmental and one nonprofit NGO, involve many partners to develop community-level resilience and sustainability.

Practical Research for Resilient Rice Production

Anticipating Problems, Designing Solutions Before They Are Needed

Resilient Local Utilities: Electricity, Drinking water

How Local Electric Utilities and Beaver Water District plan and work for reliable and resilient service to customers.

University of Arkansas Centers address resiliency with communities.

Resiliency Center, Community Design Center: Centers work with communities to solve real problems creatively using a long-view.

Resilience Through Global Climate Change

How will we respond to climate change? How did our ancestors respond?

Folkus on Resilience: Community Resilience

How the interactions and relationships among individual community members contribute to community resilience.

Folkus on Resilience: Personal Resilience

Personal Resilience: It takes more than grit and desire!

Folkus on Resilience: Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking and resilience in nature and business.

Folkus on Resilience: What is resilience and why should I care?

Marty Matlock and Curt Rom of the University of Arkansas give an overview of Resilience and Sustainability.

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Fayetteville Folkus is a show that examines the concept and practice of community, with special attention to Fayetteville and NW Arkansas. Each episode includes interviews with local folks about their lives and their interactions in communities.

Fayetteville Folkus airs on KPSQ-LP Fayetteville, 97.3 FM on Saturday mornings at 8:00 a.m. and Sunday afternoons at 1:00 p.m.

Episodes #1 -#10 of Season 2 comprise a special series of interviews titled "Folkus on Resilience". The series explores resilience – the capacity to overcome destabilizing forces; adapt to change, and rebound from catastrophe. We are living through rapid and often unpredictable change in technology, politics, and social and ethical norms. Already changes in global and local climate are affecting our daily lives. These rapid changes challenge our personal lives, our communities, and our societies. To face these challenges, we need resilience both individually and collectively.

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