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17. Copper deposits in Chile | Ed Bunker

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15. How to do fieldwork on an asteroid | Tim Gregory

We're back! And Season 2 is starting with a big question: What would fieldwork on an asteroid be like?

14. Metamorphism and deformation in the Alps | Francesco Giuntoli

We’re off to the mountains again! But instead of the Himalaya, this week we’re in the Alps.

13. Extremophiles in Ethiopia | Vincent Rennie

We're taking things to the EXTREME!

11. Mineral Exploration in North America | Hannah Mills

If you can't grow it, you've got to dig it out the ground. So how do we find the materials that are fundamental to modern society?

9. Bees and other bugs with Entocast

We're back after our Christmas break, and if you enjoyed our last episode you're in for a tr.

8. Invasive insects in Antarctica | Jes Bartlett

Brrrrrrr! Winter is here so naturally we thought we'd talk about working in cold environments this week!

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Could you camp on the edge of an active volcano? Would you rather hike through the Himalaya, or paddle through the peatlands of Indonesia? Hear first-hand accounts from the field researchers who've been there, done that and much more, during their adventures to understand the world around us.

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