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Stranger Things

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Tom Hardy

Bane, Reg & Ron Kray, Mad Max...Cbeebies..

Game of Thrones Final Series & Finale

Who gets the Iron Throne...?

Avengers Endgame

"We are in the Endgame now"

Captain Marvel

Marvel by name.... but was is Marvel-ous?


Gotta Catch 'Em All


How many people would be triggered if FRIENDS was released now?

Long Running Tv Shows

Why are Soaps so miserable?

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A live, hour long online radio show from Hereward Community Radio now in Podcast form for your pleasure. I am joined by my Co-Host, Alex,and we are always opinionated about Film & TV Shows. We veer off on random tangents, don't hold back and are occasionally a bit Blue! Each week is a different topic, and all the music played links in with the topic (as best as can be).

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