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Episode 51: Valhalla Rising

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Episode 50: Das Musichaus

... where Josh and Michael change their podcasts direction.

Episode 46: 2017 in Review

... where Michael and Josh look back at 2017

Episode 44: Sell me your movie!

... where Josh and Michael try to sell each other movies they've never heard of

Episode 43 - The Exorcist

... in which Josh and Michael exorcise their Demons

Episode 42: Two Random Movies (times two)

... in which Josh and Michael force each other to watch 2 movies each!

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Das Filmhaus by Josh and Michael is about all kinds of movies. Every week a new episode is released.

Each episode is parted into a few different segments.

Every episode starts off with a " What we've been watching " topic, where they both talk about a movie they've recently seen.

Then they will either be talking about a fixed topic like a certain subgenre, a certain director or really anything they can come up with, or, in the more relaxed episode they will talk about a Movie of the Bi-Week , a movie that has been announced in advance to give every listener time to find and watch it.

In the Movie of the Bi-Week episode they end each episode with a random Movie Game.

These episodes will alternate weekly, so it's either a serious main episode or the more fun, relaxed episode.

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