Finding Beauty

How do YOU define beauty? Stay inspired? Can art change the world? My intriguing guests will help you find your own answers.

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I think it's important to listen to the news, however, lately doing so has become bad for my emotional health. When a friend suggested hosting a show, the first idea that came to mind was a version of Fresh Air , since Terry Gross is my idol. But since that show already exists, I decided to focus on the ways that we can still find both beauty and inspiration around us, no matter how much the headlines get us down. To that end, I make sure to repeat two questions in each interview: "What comes to mind when you think of beauty?" and "Can art change the world?" While most of my guests are artists (like me), I choose each interviewee in the hope that our conversation will make me, and hopefully the listeners, want to be a better person. In addition, each guest has to be at least somewhat analytical, because people who can't get philosophical bore me. The result is wide-ranging conversations with fascinating people you may never have heard of, but will perhaps never forget.

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