The Blockzone Podcast

High-Impact Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Companies

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The Blockzone Podcast showcases global, visionary companies and projects in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. We focus on the founders' learnings and experiences in this space to share with rising entrepreneurs.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency is a new emerging industry with unique challenges. In conversations with founders, we look to learn about the companies' experience navigating and scaling in a highly volatile industry with global regulatory uncertainty and discover innovative and best practices in this space. Topics include fundraising with a global set of investors, hiring, managing and supporting a decentralized team & community, working and partnering with companies both in and out of this space and more.

Co- Host Joyce Yang is founder of Global Coin Research, she owns Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can check out her full ethics statement at

Co-Host Richard Lee is a founding partner of GBIC, a global multi-strategy cryptofund Before that he worked in private equity focusing on early stage investments in the digital, sports, and tech space.

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