The Great Filter

A full spectrum political, philosophical, and entertainment podcast that confronts the Fermi Paradox...and the stupidity of humankind.

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Episode 13 - War With Walmart

The new report that states we are killing life on earth is out, Denver decriminalizes Psilocybin Mushrooms by the skin of their teeth, and we have declared war on Walmart.

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Episode 12 - Strike or Die

It's time to take the gloves off...

Episode 11 - Fentanyl Laced Trees

Climate Change, now with more allergies!

Episode 10 - Super Bungus

Someone is playing a real life game of Plague INC and the world might be losing...

Episode 9 - INDOCTRINATION Part 1

Each of us are trapped in a web of lies and illusionary control.

Episode 8 - Pokemon Started Climate Change

Environmental collapse is upon us and we are too stupid to stop it

Episode 7 - Super Pundit Bros

What if your dad was the Illuminati?

DEFILTERED 3 - Executive Time For All

Our bonus show for Progressives and working class people is back!

Episode 6 - The Weight of the Bugs

How many bugs have YOU killed?

Episode 5 - Darth Harris and the Phony Menace

While the Empire looms over Venezuela, Emperor Clinton takes Kamala Harris in as her apprentice as the Phony Menace of Russia confuses the Libs yet again

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A Progressive political, philosophical, and THC loving podcast that confronts the Great Filter theory...and the stupidity of humankind. The corporations own our governments, burning the social contract with wealth inequality and the exploitation of the working class; ultimately subverting the democracy of the people. 100 corporations are at fault for 71% of global carbon emissions. Our frivolous, business as usual and disposable way of living under Capitalism is killing the natural world as we enter the sixth mass extinction event, this time caused by human activity... Don't get filtered.

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