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Exploring how we combine what we need and what the world needs to create viable, meaningful businesses

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The key to building a happy startup is to truly understand what success means to you and not focussing solely on the money.

For this Happy Startup School podcast I’m in search of people that can inspire us with their unique journeys to creating a successful work-life blend. We’re tired of the money only motive and we want to champion the role models and thought leaders who are following different paths. These are people who pursue ways of living and working that encourage us to connect more with ourselves, each other and the world.

The happiest people see their work as a voyage of discovery that enriches theirs lives with new experiences and generates a deep sense of purpose and happiness. We’re curating the real stories, the ups and the downs, that will motivate all of us to follow our own paths of success, while living consciously and compassionately.

We’ll explore new types of business models, new ways of gathering and new ways of being. This isn’t a podcast about work-life balance but work-life blend.

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