Alief ISD superintendent speaks with guests about issues affecting education and our future.

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College Scholarships - How to Catch the Jumbo Shrimp

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Fine Arts - Building Confidence Through Quality Fine Arts Programs

Showcasing Alief's Talent through Alief Idol, Alief Proud Day

Health Science - Alleviating the Healthcare Workforce Shortage Crisis

How CTE Health Science prepares students for medical school and beyond

E-Learning – Dynamic Learning Environment through Virtual Classrooms

Offering High-Quality Online Learning Opportunities for All Texas Students

Veterinary Science - It’s Not All Puppies, Sunshine, Kitties and Rainbows

How the Veterinary Science Program provides extensive hands-on training for future Certified Veterinary Assistants

Voting - Young Voters Make an Impact at the Ballot Box

From voter registration drives to fact-checking, young voters are changing the voter apathy trend

After-School Enrichment Programs – Developing the Whole Child

Providing fun, enriching activities year-round for students in Children Interacting Afterschool Program

Limited Open Enrollment – Providing Opportunities Beyond District Boundaries

Connecting Prospective Students with Award-Winning, Innovative Programs

Teacher Shortage Leads to “Grow Your Own” Teacher Pipeline

How a CTE Program is working with Human Resources to engage future educators

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Alief ISD Superintendent HD Chambers speaks with guests from all walks of life about issues affecting education and the future of America.

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