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two atheists find the truth about god, one piece of religious media at a time

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Jesus' Likability Factor: Jesus Christ Superstar Finale

Amelia and Sarah wrap up our discussion of Jesus Christ Superstar, the greatest musical ever made as far as Amelia knows. We talk about adapting the same text into different productions and whether Jesus is a likable character. We also lose a couple minutes trying to do a Mads Mikkelsen impression for reasons that seemed very important at the time. Amelia gets eye-twitchingly mad at religious sexism and Sarah wastes her time trying to get her philistine best friend to appreciate her beautiful star-studded Broadway fancast for an all-female plus one Spider-man production.

We also talk about what we're discussing when we come back next month. I'll give you a hint: Sarah's finally gonna get a chance to talk about her experiences with projectile vomit.

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Amelia and Sarah are best friends looking for God. Amelia is happily an atheist and can list four whole facts about Jesus. Sarah read Jesus/Judas fanfic at an impressionable young age and is constantly on the search for faith. Together, they watch, read, and listen to religious media to understand how people translate religion into horror movies, musicals, and low budget romcoms.

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