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Jocelyn Simpson - Episode 26

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Daniel and Doug - Episode 25

My first three person podcast with Daniel and Doug. We talk mostly religion but also politics and more!

Vernon Esham - Episode 24

Mr. Esham is a real estate broker and custom home builder. We talk about real estate, investments, sales and more!

Justin and Haley at Home - Feb2019

Haley and I talk wedding, honeymoon, bachelor party, jiu jitsu and more all while drinking tequila she got me as a wedding present!

Miles Scoochie Moffit - Episode 23

Miles is the owner and founder of Southside Jiu Jitsu Academy in Salisbury, Maryland

Mike Wilson - Episode 22

Mike is a Jiu Jitsu instructor at Southside in Salisbury, Maryland. We talk Jiu Jiitsu, humility, kindness, and typical millennial nonsense

Haley and Justin at Home - December 2018

This is our year-end special! We recap 2018 with what we have learned as well as what we are trying to do in 2019!

Daniel Hakeem - Episode 21

Daniel is a PA at a local hospital. We talk about morality, god, kids and more!

Mike Hubbard - Episode 20

Mike is a successful entrepreneur that has his hands in farming, trucking, vehicle graphics and more!

Episode 19 - Jacob Martin

Jacob and I tells stories from working at a pawn shop, welding, gaming, and more!

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My name is Justin and this is a podcast about my thoughts on life, business, religion, politics as well as interviews with friends and colleagues.

Hope you enjoy!

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