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#21: Avocado Sustainable Clothing and a Plant Based Lifestyle

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#12: Learn How A Mom Overcame Her Autoimmune Challenges with Plant-Based Food

Learn how Tina Redder Goes From Sick to Thriving with Plant-Based Food

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The Lava Health Show brings together experts in food, movement, and healing the body to teach you the ultimate secrets to ignite your lava flow within you. Whether you are a parent or a couple, get ready to spark that stuck passion inside of you.

The Lava Health Show is hosted by Shelly Johnson - a hard-working, natural chick with 3 homeschooled coconut boys and a baby sea "Chel" who will ignite your world and change the beliefs you once had about health. This passionate momma and athlete provides eco-friendly advice on a variety of alternative health topics including the power of food, movement for the mind, body and spirit, living for purpose, how to get your family on board with natural health, the benefits of self care, nourishing with plants, turning your passion into your career, and so much more.

The podcast will take you on other people's journey's who have changed their lives in such incredible ways to inspire you to do the same. The guests include some of the most passionate experts in the alternative health field, who include some of the most sought out topics such as detoxing, acupuncture, chiropractic care, beauty tips, alternative medicine, and gently healing the body.

The point of this podcast is to inspire you to ignite your inner lava flow, get rid of those stuck emotions, and show up as your best self for you, your family and the people that cross your path. Remember, what you are doing today does not have to be what you decide to do tomorrow. Becoming aware of what is not working in your life, will give you the power to let go and establish new habits, new beliefs and take the necessary steps to live life how you choose to.

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